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Root Protection Areas

Root protection areas (RPA) are designated areas around trees in which construction work does not intrude and contractors do not enter during construction. The most important roots in these areas have a depth of between 250mm and 500mm below the surface. Shallow excavation work can damage the root system. It may take 10 - 15 years after root damage to become obvious as trees die slowly, at which time the damage is irreversible and ultimately may kill the tree.

To manage this, temporary fencing is placed around a calculated area of the trees. It is important that all specifications for tree protection are adhered to in order to avoid tree/root damage.

Examples of common damage to trees during construction works are as follows

●Abrasion of bark

●Crushing of roots

●Severing and removal of roots by excavation

●Broken branches that can disfigure a tree

●Poisoning of roots by fuel/chemical spillages

●Changes in soil level

●Installation of impermeable surfaces

Roots can be very susceptible to damage because they can’t be seen and their extent is not realized. SOIL BUSTERS can manage root protection areas on behalf of clients and report back on any potential non compliance issues. When a construction project is complete, temporary fencing is removed. We can offer a remedial service to clients if their trees have become damaged during construction works.