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There can be nothing more frustrating, while digging you come across a stubborn root, with little or no access to remove it.

The all-purpose spade and saw, with serrated edges on both sides, has a unique ability to cut roots quickly and easily whilst digging.

John Buckley of SoilBusters.ie has become the authorised stockist in Ireland for both the original root assassin and the mini root assassin. The engineered bone structure high grade carbon steel shaft adds rigidity and strength without adding weight. Both spades have 16 double-edged sharp teeth on each side of the spade face, which can be sharpened.

The original root assassin spade has a length of 48” and a weight of 1.2kgs.

The mini root assassin spade has a length of 32” and a weight of 1kg.

These spades are ideal for planting, shrub removal, transplanting, dividing plants, removing plants from pot bound containers etc.

The root assassin is NOT to be used as a lever.